How to start a new site

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How to start a new site

21 Jun 2012

So unsurprisingly we get to meet and help a lot of business and people looking to set up their first website. So I thought it might be worth writing a series of posts about the kind of things to consider.

Of course it goes without saying that GridGiant can help all the way, but these tips should apply to most web development processes.

To start with a series of questions.

  • What is the point of the new website?
  • What do you hope to achieve?

A new website is an immediate drain on resources and will require constant work to keep it up to date so a clear purpose is important. Also in establishing the purpose of the site, the focus and style of the site can also be quickly established.

So what can a website do for your business?

  • Advertise - make people aware of your product or services
  • Inform - provide information to staff or clients about product or order status
  • Sell - an online web shop for direct sale of goods
  • B2B - efficient, quick sales system to other business
  • Trash - if your not careful your site can be trashing your business making it look unprofessional

So the question is what can a new website do for you?