Flash, HTML5 or Not

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Flash, HTML5 or Not

30 Jun 2011

I did it my way

So there are is a lot of differing opinions about what to do about HTML5. At Grid Giant we suggest this approach.

If you have a flash site, its time to give it up. Yeah flash looks good but its search authority is poor, content is trapped inside and rss, microformats, and SEO provision is lamentable. Mobile support for flash is poor so many users just won't see your site. The good news though is that HTML 5 will help solve some of these problems and allow you to keep the interactive feel of the flash site.

If you on an HTML 4 site, your still ok but your next redesign should be HTML 5, it offers better SEO a more interactive feel and a generally faster more responsive site.

Grid Giant offers HTML 5 sites where appropriate and can advise your business fully on the benefits and common pit falls of an HTML 5 site. Oh and by the way this site is HTML 5 that how we can use this distinctive font.